LUM Series Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

LUM Vertical Roller Mill

Based on rich experience in vertical roller mill production and the latest technology from Germany, Zenith developed the LUM Series Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill. Since produced, this mill got high attention from the customers and becoming more and more popular among customers. Like the traditional vertical roller mill, this mill can be used to grind various kinds of ores and rocks, widely used in many industries.

The Highlight Of Vertical Roller Mill

  • The automatic control system can realize remote operation, and the operation is simple.
  • The grinding roller and the grinding disc can’t contact, and the grinding roller and the lining board are made of high quality material, to less abrasion and long service life.
  • Maintenance is quick and convenient. The operation can realize in the outside of the machine body, reducing downtime.
  • The quality of products is high, and in the same fineness grade condition, it can save 30%~50% of energy, and has good economic benefit.
  • The system is working in confined pressure conditions. It can reduce dust to escape, reduce noise, clean environment, and full compliance with the relevant provisions of the state.
  • The main machine adopts frequency control. It is more energy saving than electromagnetic adjustable speed, and high crushing efficiency.
  • The design of roller sleeve and liner grinding curve is easier to form a material layer than the ordinary grinder, improving work efficiency.
  • The grinding roller lubrication is using separate lubrication station. It can make the grinding roller bearing to obtain the full lubrication, and can avoid the oil storing too much and leakage phenomenon.

Technical data

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