VSI6X Sand Making Machine For Secondary Crushing

sand making machine

VSI6X sand making machine, also known as a new efficient system sand making equipment, set three broken mode in one, is the core equipment in the field and mechanism of sand industry domestic construction, mining, metallurgical industry, highways, railways, bridges, water and electricity, mineral powder grinding.

VSI6X Sand Making Machine Lubrication System

  • use of thin oil lubrication system. Its main function is the lubrication, cooling and cleaning up debris.
  • Thin oil lubrication work flow.
  • Temperature automatic detection, automatic heating below 16 degrees. The oil must be in a state of flow.
  • Heated to 16 degrees delay three minutes after the cessation of heating.
  • Start the pump, lubricating oil through an oil flowing into the host, about 1 minutes after the flow reaches the set value, the white light, starting the engine. If for a short time after work within the host temperature below 16 degrees, the heating system not to heat, because of mechanical friction host after work, will the oil temperature rise.
  • After the oil temperature rose to 40 degrees, automatic start cooling device.
  • The main working temperature higher than 70 degrees sustained for 10 minutes, PLC to host the stop signal, white lights, stop.
  • After the shutdown, host impeller stops can be closed lubrication system.

sand making machine

Sand Making Machine Advantages

VSI6X sand making machine have many advantages for stone processing. For example, advanced double pump oil lubrication system of sand crusher minimize the maintenance frequency. High precision roller bearing, smooth main unit running and long service time is the outstanding features of such crusher machines. Special dustproof seal system, outside powder is prevented from entering nozzles. The reasonable design of such crusher machine makes it better than other machines.

It is very suitable for dealing with all kinds of stones and ores in mining industry. It is often used for making sand. The latest product VSI6X sand maker machine developed by our company integrates crushing plastic and plastic in one single function for the different materials and different uses.

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