10 ton Stone Crusher Machine

10 ton stone crusher machines combine Zenith’s trusted technology with the latest advancements in metallurgy to achieve peak efficiency and high output by offering:

  • A steep crushing chamber and long crushing surfaces for exceptionally high capacity and maximum liner life;
  • An extra heavy-duty frame, large diameter integral mainshaft assembly, and a high-performance bearing arrangement provide long life and reliable operation;
  • The correct crushing chamber design resulting in optimized production for your application;
  • Crusher capacity can be matched to plant requirements by a simple change of the eccentric bushing.

10 ton stone crusher machine from China forms a critical part of new and upgrade projects. Zenith project engineers have the expertise to give you the right solution, tailored to your needs. They analyze, imagine, develop and build the complete process surrounding a crusher, overcome the hurdles and meet your objectives.

10 ton stone crusher machine OEM parts are the most reliable replacement parts for your crusher. They’re designed in-house and manufactured according to strict specifications, so they fit perfectly every time. Zenith uses only the highest quality material for parts that last — minimizing expensive downtime.

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