Basalt Crusher Production Line Cost

The material is the crushing work of basalt/diabase, and the wear of the wear parts such as the slab, the plate hammer and the counterattack plate is very high. The customer’s production cost is far greater than the production cost of limestone.

Therefore, for the planning of the crushing skills, we should use the crushing equipment of the lamination principle as much as possible to reduce the wear of the wear parts.

Stone Crusher

Typical laminating equipment is a two-level smashing or smashing and cone-breaking skill. Assuming that the customer has a high demand for the final stone shape, we can equip a counter-attack to break the whole shape, which constitutes a three-stage broken skill and equipment.

The three-stage fragmentation will inevitably lead to a higher capital cost, but the production cost of the three-stage broken stone factory, which is operated for a long time, is very considerable.


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