Basalt Crushing Machine

Basalt has very good compressive performance conditions, so in the production process of basalt, considering the cost of production, the main crushing equipment needs to use the jaw crusher.

Jaw crusher can crush materials with high compressive strength, and the high compressive strength of the crushed materials can reach 320Mpa. It is very suitable for processing basalt materials with high compressive strength and can control the cost of production. It is an ideal choice.

In the basalt crushing process, it is recommended to use the jaw crusher, avoid the use of a impact crusher or hammer crusher, because it is necessary to reduce the amount of powder produced by the broken barite. The ore mine can obtain better crushing effect through the jaw crusher.

Basalt Crusher Advantage

Unique structure: deepen the “V-shaped” deep cavity, high efficiency and energy saving, no broken corners and uniform particle size.

Advanced technology: the production of the equipment uses advanced manufacturing technology and high wear-resistant materials to make the entire equipment durable.

The new tooth guard plate, the effective area of the jaw plate is increased, and the production capacity is large.

The flywheel parameters are exquisitely designed to make the operation of the equipment more stable and reliable.


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