Bauxite Mill Output

Fine grinding of metalliferous ores has become increasingly important for the Australian mining industry, as many of the remaining ore-bodies are very fine-grained and refractory. Bauxite mill has high output among the other milling machines. It is however an energy intensive process and as conventional equipment is not capable of providing economically sound production, new solutions are being implemented.

The most successful application is stirred milling technology as it meets three major criteria: capacity, efficiency and reliability. Several major ore deposits classified as “untreatable” in the past were developed recently thanks to stirred milling technology. Different types of stirred mills are being used in various applications and demand for stirred mills is growing rapidly.

Bauxite Mill

Specialized unit intended for pulverizing materials in the extreme fineness range. The principle of integral air classification, has been applied with outstanding success to this mill and as a result a great number of materials can be produced in the lower micron sizes with a very minimum of oversize. Bauxite vertical mill has high output and it will bring high profits to customers.

The feed bauxite materials enters the vertical mill through the side mounted variable speed screw feeder between the hammers and the whizzer classifier. The airflow enters below the grinding chamber and carries pulverized material vertically, combining it with newly introduced feed, to the classifier where any acceptable material is removed from the mixture prior to being ground.


  • Uniform particle size.
  • Unit swings open easily for inspection and maintenance.
  • Easy replacement of wearing parts.
  • Compact design requires little floor space.
  • Available with integral flash drying or water-cooled grinding chamber.

The classifier’s high speed cyclonic action concentrates the coarser fraction along the walls where it falls back to the grinding chamber for further size reduction. The pulverizing action combines impact of the hammers and attrition with the grinding chamber walls. Properly sized material is then transported to the product collection system. The system airflow may recycle through the bauxite vertical mill with only a portion vented in many applications, or it operates as a once-through system and all the air is vented when the feed material is heat sensitive. Our high quality bauxite vertical mill has the high output and it will help the customers make high profits.

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