Bentonite Activated Production Line

The bentonite powder production line capacity ranges from 50-100tph, 120-200tph, 200-350tph, 400-600tph, 600-800tph, 800-1200tph. These machinery are widely applied in small scale, medium scale and large scale bentonite processing applications. It has the benefits of high production capacity, low energy consumption, cost-effetive, easy operation and maintenace.

Ball Mill For Bentonite Activated Production Line

Ball mill is made use of for grinding bentonite into powder in bentonite milling production line. Ball mill is a superb tool to pick mine or grind several different mining along with other supplies into fine powder. At the very same time, on a wide range the ball mill is utilized in constructing material, chemical market, and so forth. Ball Mill integrates such characteristics as: low expense, low energy consumption, great durability, stable performance, easy and secure to operate.

Bentonite Clay Production Line Advantages

Our optimized bentonite clay production line produces high quality bentonite clay that is unsurpassed in purity, quality and is mined with only stainless steel equipment to keep it from adsorbing heavy metals while it is being harvested. Our Bentonite clay is a naturally forming clay (not processed) and all Bentonite, is made of minerals that are a part of the smectite class of clays.

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