Building Material Impact Crusher For Sale

Concrete is the main material in building waste materials. How to process them and make best use of them become very important for clients. Zenith’s impact crusher machine for sale is the most suitable equipment for concrete processing line.

Advantages of Building Waste Materials Processing

Building waste materials will take large scale construction area and do harm to the near environment. To process them again to make best use of these concrete is the main task for Kenya. The building waste concrete can be processed and used as the new construction materials for the new buildings. After crushing, screening, grading and cleaning, the low grade recycled aggregate concrete will be used in foundation reinforcement, road engineering cushion, and indoor floor and so on.

Concrete Crusher

Concrete Crusher Used In Kenya for Processing Building Waste Materials

In Kenya, the common used concrete processing machine is the concrete crusher. The crushing machine is the main equipment used in building waste materials processing line. Concrete crusher has simple structure and light in weight to enhance operating ease and control efficiency. For its high crushing ability, Zenith’s crusher machine has been increasingly employed in the files of environmental recycling that recycles debris from demolished concrete structure as aggregate.

Concrete Impact Crusher for Sale

In building waste working site, the concrete debris will be put into the impact crusher and will be crushed into small size as they are repeatedly hit to impact plates by blow bars set on a rotor which rotates at a high speed. Compared with other crusher machines from Zenith, this concrete impact crusher machine can produce pieces which are mostly rotundate in shape and is used as secondary crusher or granulator.

Since the impact crusher for sale is 1.5 to 2 times higher in crushing ratio than the jaw crusher, it is suitable to produce aggregates of comparatively small particle size. Zenith’s concrete impact crusher machine is equipped with a feeder and a conveyor appropriate to the crusher width to allow for efficient crushing work.

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