Buy Mobile Jaw Crusher

Mobile jaw crusher can produce large-grained materials with a particle size of 8 mm or more, and can also produce fine-grained materials with a particle size of less than 1 mm, depending on the field of application of the material.

The box body, rotor, hammer head, counter-attack lining, sieve plate and other five parts constitute the mobile jaw crusher commonly used by manufacturers. The working principle is to use the hammer inside the crusher to impact crush the original material. After the crushing is completed. The boring enters into the lower part of the rotor, and the material is rushed to the crushing plate under the driving of the hammer head for the second pulverization.

The hammer head continuously impacts the animal material and pulverizes during the high-speed rotation. When crushed to a certain extent, the material enters the moving jaw crusher sieve plate under the impact force, and the particle size is smaller than the hole above the sieve plate, then the crushed material will be discharged through the sieve plate, which is larger than the diameter of the sieve plate hole.

The granular material will remain on the sieve plate and continue to be struck and ground by the hammer until it is broken to the size that can be screened through the sieve plate. The material passing through the sieve plate is directly passed through the sieve hole and then transported to the mobile jaw crusher. Machine outlet.

The mobile jaw crusher has high production capacity, uniform product, less over-grinding, low energy consumption per unit product, simple structure, light equipment quality and easy operation and maintenance.

The mobile jaw crusher is used for the crushing of limestone, granite, medium and low hardness materials, etc. It can also be used as a crushing device for materials such as stone, plastic, garbage, etc., and can also be applied to the production line of sand making and beneficiation.

When choosing a mobile jaw crusher, in addition to the price of the mobile jaw crusher, we also need to carefully consider the problem of the crusher being put into production after the purchase, whether the production personnel are easy to handle, and the later parts. Whether maintenance requires high costs, these are all related to the subsequent production of mobile jaw crushers, manufacturers must carefully consider when purchasing mobile jaw crushers.

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