Cement Clinker Processing Plant

The main raw material of cement is limestone. Is the main component of limestone , calcium carbonate, low hardness , the more easily broken. Firstly, jaw crusher will be the primary crushing chunks of limestone . Then crushed limestone into cement clinker crusher for secondary crushing . Our company can provide all kinds of cement clinker crusher, such as cement impact crusher, hammer crusher etc. cement . You can choose according to their needs appropriate models, or consult our experienced engineers , they will give you a reasonable proposal.

Cement Clinker Processing Plant

Before crushing cement production

Cement production process , most of the raw material to be broken, such as limestone, clay , iron ore and coal. I produced a jaw crusher , impact crusher, cone crusher is a leading crushing equipment. Prehomogenization technology is in memory of raw materials, to take the process of applying scientific stacker reclaimer technology to achieve the initial homogenization of raw materials , the raw material yard along with storage and homogenization function.

Cement clinker mill run-in period of tips

Cement clinker used in the initial mill , preferably not more than 80% of the rated output , in the new machine as a mounting surface roughness , friction coefficient , is generated during operation of the metal shavings drop , and subsequently friction materials , will accelerate the wear and tear of wearing parts , the earlier failure .

Cement clinker with the gap mill parts is small, and due to assembly and other reasons, it is difficult to ensure uniformity with the gap , the lubricating oil on the friction surface is not easy to form a uniform film to prevent wear , thereby reducing the lubrication performance , resulting in early parts of abnormal wear , friction surfaces can cause severe scratch or bite precise fit of the phenomenon , leading to mechanical failure.

Cement clinker processing equipment manufacturers

Zenith production of cement clinker production line equipment in an absolutely leading position. Because of its high performance, product size distribution , good stability , easy to clean chamber , high reliability, easy maintenance, easy operation , low production costs and a wide range of applications, subject to a number of users of all ages and praise. Our company is specialized in mining crushing machinery and industrial milling equipment manufacturing, R & D, production and sales in one of the international type of specialized enterprises. R & D produced a series of milling machine has been widely used in metallurgy , chemical, power , steel, oil and other industries , products are exported to Indonesia , Australia, SouthEast Asia , Eastern Europe , South America , Middle East and Africa and other countries and regions , with reliable quality and stable Art Institute of Chicago .

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