Cement Processing Machine in UAE

When we come to UAE, we often associate its with rich petroleum resources. However, other industries of UAE are often very flourishing in the world. And the cement industry is a typical example. Nowadays, robust growth in the construction industry has had many implications for the local cement industry. However, the gap between demand and supply of cement is wider than ever before. As for the local government, a series of positive policies have been set up to develop the cement industry, for example, allowing private capital to invest in the cement industry.

Every year, Zenith exports a certain number of cement processing plants from China, where lots of mining machines have a higher ratio of price and performance. Until now, Zenith has exported a certain number of cement processing machines to UAE, where local producers have thought highly of products. Here we focus on more details of cement processing machine in UAE, taking the cement crushing machine and clinker grinding machine for example.

Overview of Cement Industry in UAE

The cement industry of UAE is a major player in the country, and it is the major job creator in the economy, employing over 1 million people at various skills levels. However, with the robust development of construction industry, implications of a cement shortage were severe and unexpected. Considering the time and financial commitments required to increase capacity, it is not surprising that there are several plans well underway to increase production by a further 15% in the next three to four years. Nowadays, a number of cement companies have been established to meet the requirements of construction industries and other sectors. In addition, small cement producers in UAE also purchase a certain number of cement processing machines so that they can seize the valuable opportunity of cement industry.

Cement Crushing Machine in UAE

Among all the cement processing plants imported to UAE, orders of cement crushing machine occupies a lot. Therefore, the cement crushing machine is the one of the most popular cement processing machines in UAE. The cement crushing machine, also named as cement crusher or cement crushing plant, which is specially used in the cement production. There are varied types of cement crushing machine according to different applications in UAE. As for the working principle, the cement crusher can be divided into the jaw crusher, cone crusher and hammer crusher, etc. As for the flexibility, the cement crusher can be divided into the stationary cement crusher and mobile cement crusher.

Cement Clinker Grinding Machine in UAE

Besides the cement crushing machine, the cement clinker grinding machine can be considered as another popular type of cement processing machine in UAE. To our delight, the cement clinker grinding machine made by Zenith is well accepted among cement contractors in UAE. In the cement industry, the cement clinker grinding machine is specially used to grind cement clinker. As we all know, the clinker burning takes place at a temperature of 1450°C in kilns, which are normally inclined rotating cylinders lines with heat-resistant bricks. Clinker emerges from the kiln after several hours as granulated spherical pebbles, and then the clinker is finely ground by the cement clinker grinding machine. Usually, the ball mill takes the role of cement clinker grinding machine. A cement clinker grinding machines has two warehouses, and can be used to grind the hard, nodular clinker from the cement kiln into the fine gray powder. In order to achieve the desired quality, a certain quantity (2-8%, but typically 5%) of calcium sulfate (usually gypsum or anhydrite) is added to the clinker and the mixture is finely ground to form the final cement powder.

Zenith can design and install types of cement processing machines for investors. Typically, our cement processing machines in UAE include the cement crushing machine, cement grinding mill, rotary kiln, roller mill, cement ball mill, and cement packing machine, etc. Of course, whether investors need large or small scale cement processing lines, Zenith can fully finish the design and installation of
cement processing line. We will try our best to help cement producers by the ways of supplying more high-quality products and better service, if you have some interest in our cement processing machines in UAE, please contact us!

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