Cobblestone Sand Making Machine Sale

The cobblestone sand making equipment is specially designed to make cobblestones into sandstone construction equipment that meets the requirements, and is a high energy consumption equipment.

Cobblestone Sand Making Machine Process

  • First, the large pebbles are evenly conveyed to the jaw crusher;
  • After sieving, the materials with acceptable particle size are transported to the cone crusher for fine crushing. If they are unqualified, they are returned to the upper layer for further processing; then the sand making machine is used to make sand and shape the material;
  • Finally, after washing with a sand washer, high quality cobblestone sand can be obtained.

How To Choose Cobblestone Sand Making Machine

  • First of all, we must do a good job in cobblestone sand making equipment brand selection. The choice of brand can not blindly choose big brands, often the more expensive, so pay attention to the more cost-effective when purchasing
  • In fact, it is a function choice, as far as possible to choose a more complete sand making machine, of course, if you consider the price, then choose a single powerful machine.
  • There is also the choice of materials. The material of the sand making machine directly affects the production efficiency and service life. If it is not for special use, you can consider the ordinary material.
  • Finally, the choice of styles, just like electronic products, the price is relatively expensive at first, but if the choice of style is very old, and the warranty is not good after sale, it is best to choose the style that has been listed in the last 1-3 years, which can guarantee The advanced nature of the product can also save costs.


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