Cone Crusher Maintenance

Cone crusher is an advanced hydraulic crusher with high power, large crushing ratio and high productivity. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, road construction, chemical industry and water conservancy industries. It can crush various ores of medium and medium hardness. And rocks. In order to ensure the efficiency of its work, the equipment must be properly checked and maintained during the operation. How to do the maintenance work in the operation of the cone crusher?

  • 1. When the oil temperature is heated to 25 & mdash; 30 degrees, first start the oil pump motor to run for 5-10 minutes, check the working condition of the lubrication system, the oil pressure is 0.11-0.18Mp, observe the return oil return to normal, the oil quality meets the requirements. Start the main motor.
  • 2. Check the lubrication station for the temperature of the return line every hour not to exceed 50 degrees, check whether the return oil is sufficient, and whether the height of the oil level in the tank is normal. Make sure that there is no oil leakage in the lubrication line or the cone body of the oil pump.
  • 3. After the crusher is running for 1-2 minutes, the feeding can be started. When feeding, prevent non-crushed materials from entering the crushing chamber. If metal objects fall into the crusher, stop immediately. Pay attention to whether there is any blockage in the ore chute, crushing chamber and discharge funnel.
  • 4. During the operation, the thin oil lubrication system should be checked frequently to maintain the height of the oil surface in the fuel tank. The output oil pressure is not lower than the rated oil pressure (0.8Kg/cm2) and the return oil temperature is not higher than 45 °C.
  • 5. Check equipment, dustproof water pipes and cooling water pipes are good. Always listen to the sound of the crusher bevel gear rotation is normal, the motor running sound is normal. Observe the main motor current, do not exceed the rated current, the motor temperature is lower than 60 °C.
  • 6. During the operation check, the coupling guard should be ensured to be intact, and the screw of the coupling should be prevented from falling off and hurting; if the pressure is too large, the joints will be stretched and the oil will splash and hurt people.

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