Cone Crusher Size

Question: What is the gap size of cone crusher?

Answer: Cone crushers are particularly suitable for the crushing of materials ranging from medium-hard to hard aswell as brittle and tough feed materials. The cone crusher reduces the feeding material by means of pressure. The adjustable gap width can be varied by a hydraulic piston, which is located in the lower part of the housing. The upper section of the housing accommodates the wedge-shaped crushing tools. The crusher drive is situated between those two sections.

The crushing force is produced by an eccentric bush, which moves the crushing cone towards the crushing shell in a circular oscillating movement. Due to the friction of the material to be crushed, the crushing cone moves slowly in the opposite direction towards the driving rotation.

The rotation produced by the crusher shaft has no influence on the crushing action itself. On request the crusher can be provided with a fully automatic gap measurement system. In case of a temporary overload, the gap size of cone crusher is increased by means of a rapid hydraulic lowering of the crushing cone to ensure quick passing of foreign particles. After completion of this process, the gap is set automatically to the previously selected size.

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