Copper Beneficiation Process

Process copper processing equipment is divided into three parts: one, broken parts: the basic process ore crushing process. Its purpose is crushed ore to an appropriate size suitable for the grinding part. Second, the grinding parts: part grind ore processed further to get a smaller size is to tie flotation separation materials. Third, the flotation section: flotation process / upgrade copper important process. Chemicals are added to the mixer / blender, the chemical reaction. Ore mined first by the initial jaw crusher broken, after crushing to a reasonable degree of fineness via elevator, feeder evenly into the ball mill, ball mill for ore crushing, grinding.

copper ore processing equipment

After grinding mill ore fines into the next process: classification. Spiral classifier with the proportion of solid particles in the liquid varies the speed of sedimentation principle, the mixture was washed ore, grading. After washing and grading in the mixture after the mineral separator, the ratio of the susceptibility of various different minerals, magnetic and mechanical forces via mixing the compound magnetic material separated. After initial separation of mineral particles in the separator is fed to the flotation machine according to the different characteristics of different drugs minerals, such as minerals and other substances to be separated from. After the minerals to be separated, because they contain large amounts of water, subject to the initial concentration of the thickener, and then dried by the dryer, and dried to obtain minerals. Copper concentrate grade of 45% can be achieved.

Copper processing equipment flotation of copper, copper sulfide mixed election – re-flotation separation of copper sulfide, copper sulfide mixed election – and then test the results of magnetic separation processes copper sulfide test program made a table. From the table that, the copper sulfide mixed election – then the copper grade copper sulfide magnetic separation solutions, copper recovery and other programs less, collector dosage is also almost the same, but you can not lime. This can greatly reduce production costs, can prevent pipe scale, clogging and other issues, but also help plant backwater use, directly reduces the amount of acid treatment backwater has important theoretical and practical value.

In the existing copper processing equipment and technology, often to separate copper, lead, zinc, nickel and other minerals in high alkaline, high pH conditions. The addition of a large amount of lime, will co associated rare metals precipitation reaction to the detriment of the comprehensive recovery of rare metals. Do not use lime, can efficiently flotation separation of copper minerals at low alkali, low pH conditions. And associated gold and silver and other precious metal does not react with the lime precipitation, thus facilitating the recovery of gold and associated integrated. In the copper grade and recovery phase contrast is not the case, taking into account the mixed copper sulfide sulfur election repeated magnetic separation scheme advantages of copper with no lime, sulfur process on the choice of copper mixed election be repeated magnetic separation of the copper sulfide solution .

Two common copper beneficiation process copper ore flotation

Disseminated copper ore flotation: general use relatively simple process, after a period of grinding fineness -200 mesh about 50% to 70%, 1 roughing, 2 to 3 times selected, 1 to 2 second sweep the election. Disseminated copper minerals such as particle size relatively small, could be considered stage grinding and separation processes. Processing bornite concentrator, mostly coarse concentrate regrinding – selection stage grinding and separation processes, and its essence is mixed – flotation process. After the first period of rough grinding, roughing, scavenging, then coarse concentrate regrinding and then get a high grade copper concentrate and a selection of pyrite concentrate. Coarse Ground degrees -200 mesh about 45% to 50%, -200 mesh and then pulverized about 90% to 95%.

Dense copper ore flotation: dense copper ore due chalcopyrite and pyrite dense symbiosis, pyrite is often activated secondary copper minerals, higher pyrite content, it is difficult to suppress, sorting difficult. Sorting process requires both get copper concentrate and concentrate. Usually after copper tailings is pyrite concentrate. If the ore gangue content of over 20% to 25%, sulfur concentrate needed to get sorted again. Dense copper ore processing, often using two stage grinding or grinding, fine grinding fineness requirements.

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