Copper Separating Machines Plant

Copper separating machines plant plays great role in the whole processing production line. It will help the customers get the high grade and clean copper ore. You can count on Zenith for over 20 years’ abundant production experience and high technology absorbed from the developed countries. The separation machine occupies great role in the whole copper separating machines plant.

Copper separating machine plant

Zenith’s copper separating machines plant is designed to sorting undesirable small parts of impurities, dust and impurities in the end products. Combined separator in technological sequence normally declared for screen separator. Copper materials come on the top sieve, where the vibrations through the air and sort.

Zenith copper ore vertical gravity separating machine plant is a specialized piece of machinery designed to separate particles of a similar size that differ in weight, eliminating light trash. Zenith copper ore vertical gravity separator uses air as a standard rather than water. Since air is lighter than water, the relative difference between particles of differing weights is increased. For this reason, the gravity separator is a very sensitive machine and, when operated correctly, can produce a very precise separation.

Copper Separating Machines Plant


  • In minerals: used for magnetite, pyrrhotite, franklinite, hematite, magnetic hematite, titanium magnetite, siderite, chromite and other weakly magnetic minerals sorting;
  • Raw materials applications: used for the purification of kaolin, feldspar, quartz, zircon ore, etc and the separation of iron in all kinds of material with high granularity;
  • Recycling: mainly used to get valuable material in smelting slag.


  • Treated water can be recycled to save costs;
  • Significantly improved quality of waste water;
  • Available in a range of flow rates (up to 3000L/hr);
  • Reduced authority charges for wastewater quality and quantity;
  • Fully automatic system available. This is a unique system that continuously looks after itself;
  • Major reduction in the number of costly pit pump-outs. This can be reduced to 2 per annum in some installations;
  • Reduced drain blockages and therefore reduced plumbing costs due to the elimination of grease and removal of solids.

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