Gravel Washing Equipment Cost

The gravel washing plant with production capacity of 150 ton/h can produce a washed oversize, 20mm, and 10mm concrete sand. A thickener is used to recycle up to 80% of the water used during the washing process, significantly reducing the site’s fresh water requirements.

The washed sand and aggregates are used for concrete production, while the waste sludge (approximately 600g/litre concentration) is pumped to a silt pond. Zenith provides various sand making machine and gravel washing plant for sale. Zenith gravel washing equipment cost in Egypt is very reasonable.

Gravel Washing Process

From the cyclone the washed sand is sent to a high-frequency dewatering screen where it is dried to approximately 12% moisture content. The screen is fitted with wear-resistant polyurethane panels and features marshmallow springs for maximum efficiency.

From here the dewatered sand is sent to stockpile via another mobile conveyor. Meanwhile, the -75μm material separated by the cyclone is sent, under gravity, directly to the thickener.

As the slurry enters the thickener tank, the material is mixed with a polyelectrolyte, prepared in an adjacent fully automatic dosing station, causing a thick sludge to rapidly settle to the bottom of the tank.

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