Gypsum Crushing Machine In Kenya

The gypsum grinding mill machine has the benefits of compact size, basic structure, high productivity, low energy consumption, stable physical performance, ease of operation and low operating cost.

Gypsum Applications In Industry

1. Gypsum Application in the construction and building materials Industry: The plaster raw materials mainly include raw gypsum, chemical gypsum, anhydrite. Among these, the gypsum usually refers to natural gypsum, also known as soft plaster and is the main raw material in construction gypsum production. The chemical plaster is often used in Phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizer production while the anhydrite is usually used to produce construction gypsum products or additives which is different from the raw gypsum mine.

2. Gypsum Application in Cement Industry: The grinding plaster can be used as Portland cement retarder, cement batching, anhydrite cement production, gypsum slag cement production and gypsum bauxite expansion cement production, etc.

3. Gypsum Application in chemical industry: The gypsum can be used to produce sulfuric acid, ammonium sulfate fertilizer, etc. Usage in agriculture : For fertilizer, pesticide production and soil improvement, crushed gypsum is widely applied.

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