How Much Investment Needed to Start A Stone Crusher

For mineral mining businessmen, the most important thing is to have the high quality and advanced stone crushing plant machine for the whole processing production line. How much investment needed to stat a stone crusher will help to cut the ore processing costs and help the customers make high profits. Zenith can provide the high quality and advanced and low costs stone crusher for worldwide clients.

Stone crusher

The stone jaw plant, equipped with the newly designed advanced jaw crusher, is taking the crushing capacity of primary applications to a completely new level. Zenith stone jaw crusher plant, with a range of improvements, applies the following success factors: a superior combination of high crushing capacity, versatility across different applications, compact design and advanced intelligence process controls. How much investment needed to start a stone crusher? Zenith will give you the appropriate answer. The high quality and low cost stone crusher machine is the powerful reply.

Stone Crusher

The heart of the the stone crusher plant is the newly designed Zenith jaw crusher, blending proven solutions with the latest know-how. The long-lasting strength of the new jaw is guaranteed by its optimized frame and pitman design. An up to 10% improved performance in the crusher can be achieved thanks to the longer stroke and slower rpm.

The jaw crusher cavity profiles are of a new design allowing easy optimization of cavities for each application. New jaw plates with an unsymmetrical profile are interchangeable between the fixed and movable side, extending the wear lifetime. As an option, the crusher can also be equipped with hydraulic overload protection using ASC (Active Setting Control). How much investment needed to start a stone crusher will be solved by the professional team-Zenith.

The stone crusher plant is powered by the efficient, environmentally friendly diesel motor, meeting the latest emission requirements. The market-leading, user friendly process automation system features complete automatic process controls, single button process start up and advanced fault diagnostics.

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