How To Choose Impact Crushers

When you want to buy an impact crusher, consider the design and the materials of rotor, blow bar, impact rack, impact plate, scale board and many other accessories materials etc. Since these accessories parts bear the crushing task of materials, the wear resistance demanding and therefore require the use of chromium-manganese alloy materials. In addition, since the accessories parts only meet the crushed materials on one side, it is designed symmetrical and modular architecture; this can meet the parts easy to remove after wear and tear, and switching to use, so this can prolong the service life.

Choosing the impact plate and scale board principle is: choose thinker impact plate and scale board, soft, fine materials, pay attention to the materials properties on the impact plate and scale board. The bigger hardness of the material, the bigger difference between the final particles sizes. And the larger capacity to be required, the greater wear for impact plate and scale board, the larger energy consumption.

In the selection of large crushing equipment, pay attention to the moisture content of crushed materials. Generally speaking, impact crusher has lower demand for crushed material’s moisture. But it should be controlled within 5% to reduce the corrosion and the power consumption, pay attention to the input and output size, and ensure the feeding materials’ speed evenly, and the impact force for the impact plate and rotor.

Large crushing equipment has large crushing ratio, simplified the crushing process, and simplified the structure, easy to manufacture, easy to use and maintain, and can be selectively broken and so on.

As for the suitable model for impact crusher selecting , it is depend on many factors , such as the hardness of the crushed materials , the moisture and input size of the raw materials , the capacity of the crushed materials , the final output size, the capacity to be required , and many other factors , if you want to know more information about how to choose the suitable crusher , don’t hesitate to contact us,Zenith Company most professional engineer give you all the information you about what you want to know.

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