Jaw Crusher Development History

Jaw crusher has many years development history. Now, it is widely used in many industries and has a very advanced technology. Jaw crusher has been developed more than 150 years. In 1885, Eli Whitney Blake invented the first mechanical rock jaw crusher machine, and obtained the paten. In 1861, the jaw crusher machine was widely used in industry. Blake used the professionals known as a mechanical principle — toggle linkage powerful. The years since, jaw crusher is widely used in various fields.

PE jaw Crusher

With the establishment of mathematical model for the crushing process, accurate description of the crushing process can become a reality. In 1948, B.Epstin first used statistical theory to study the breaking rules of materials. In 1956, S.R.Broadent and T.G.Callcatt proposed matrix model of small broken. In 1977, A.J.nch further analyzed of the matrix model of grinding process. With the popularity of computer, it had also been made possible to set up in line with the jaw crusher operation model and numerical calculation. It provided the basis for further optimization simulation design.

In 1951, China began to developed the jaw crusher of compound pendulum. In order to make the movable jaw had better movement characteristics, and could reduce wear, improve the processing ability. Many professionals did a lot of research work to that have a greater impact on the structure parameters, such as transmission angle, the toggle plate swing angle, eccentricity, the suspension height, the movable jaw itineraries, nip angle, the length of the connecting rod.

In foreign countries, the design and manufacture of compound pendulum jaw crusher made a great development. Many enterprises no longer made simple pendulum jaw crusher. The compound pendulum jaw crusher had instead of the simple pendulum. At present, the research direction of jaw crusher machine mainly focused on large jaw crusher, and jaw crusher manufacturers in abroad, mainly produced the large jaw crusher.

The design for a new type of jaw crusher appeared relatively short period of time. Such as inverse hang fine jaw crusher, it was first reported in twentieth Century 70 times. Because it makes the movable jaw inverted on the bottom of the machine, the machine’s center of gravity is down, making it have the good stability and greatly improve the working speed. And as the double chamber double jaw crusher, it had the advantages of traditional jaw crusher. Compared with the ordinary jaw crusher, it increased a crushing cavity in the other end of crusher zygomatic plate. This made the crusher not empty travel energy consumption, improving the crushing efficiency.

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