Jaw Crusher Operation Attentions

The proper operating of jaw crusher is also a very important factor to ensure its high efficiency. And there are many factors that operators should pay special attention to in the operation process of jaw crusher. In this article, we mainly talk about attention in the operation of jaw crusher.

Attentions When No-Load Test

  • After continuous running 2 hours, the temperature rise of bearings should be below 30℃;
  • All the fasteners of jaw crusher should be tight, no loosen;
  • The flywheel and groove wheel work stably;
  • No graze, crumbs and grinding & no abnormal sound should be appeared in the friction parts;
  • The adjusting device in discharge opening should ensure the adjusting range.

Used Jaw Crusher

Attentions When Load Test

  • There should be no periodic or obvious impulsive sound and clash in jaw crusher;
  • The max feeding size should be under the designed range;
  • After continuous running 8 hours, the temperature rise of bearings should be below 30℃;
  • The capacity and final products size of jaw crusher should meet the requirements;
  • There should no obvious moving between adjusting seat and frame.

Preparations Before Start Jaw Crusher

  • Check if there is enough lubrication at the joint of toggle plate;
  • Check if the fasteners are tightly fastened;
  • Check and make sure the belt conveyor is in good condition;
  • Check and make sure there is no rock or sundries in the crushing cavity.

Attentions In The Production Process

  • Feeding raw material after jaw crusher works normally;
  • Raw material should be fed into crushing cavity evenly and continuously. We should not lateral feed or over feed the raw material to avoid over load;
  • When the jaw crusher works normally, the temperature rise of bearings should below 30℃ and the max temperature should not above 70℃;
  • Before stopping jaw crusher, we should stop feeding first. And when all the materials in crushing cavity are discharged, we can turn off the power;
  • While crushing, if jaw crusher halt because of blocking in crushing cavity, operator should turn off the power immediately and clean the blocked material;
  • After operation for some time, operator should tighten the bushing again to avoid damage caused by loosen.

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