Limestone Sand Production Line

Process Flow

The production of 150-200 tons of limestone sand-making equipment, stone blasting down from the mountain, through dump truck will be less than 630 mm of stone into the vibrating feeder, vibrating feeder will evenly feed the stone into the jaw crusher, jaw crusher to break the stone section, broken out from the jaw in about 80 mm-160 mm, through the belt conveyor into the impact crusher.

Through the circular vibration screen, more than 40 mm of stone will be returned to break back and re-break, and the stone below 40 mm will be sent to the sand making machine.

Finally, through the circular vibration screen, the finished material will be classified and screened. The material larger than the finished product will be returned to the sand making machine for re-breaking, and the finished product will be conveyed to the finished product area by belt conveyor.

Note: When the feed is between 40mm and 300mm, the material directly enters the impact crusher. When the material is less than 40mm, it directly enters the sand making machine, without breaking in the front section and the second section.

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