Mobile Crushing Station Production Line

The mobile crusher is not limited by the processing location and can move the production line freely, reducing the cost of long-distance production.

At the production site, two giant crushing and screening stations form a spectacular production line. One loader pours large ore into the feeder to produce various coarse and coarse aggregates. The other loader is busy to regenerate. The aggregate is sent to the truck.

Sand aggregate can be applied to real estate construction and road construction projects. Because of its low cost and high quality, it has a great competitive advantage compared with natural river sand.

The mobile crushing plant has excellent working ability, production efficiency and equipment stability. This series of mobile crushing plants can meet the market demand of stone crushing sand, urban construction waste treatment, solid waste concrete recycling and other application fields. The use of advanced intelligent control, can control the pipe fitting parameters in the processing process, can optimize the crushing and screening operations, improve production efficiency, and maximize customer benefits!

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