Problems With Coal Crushing Machine

The crushers used in underground coal mines have different types of crushers due to different production conditions and production capacities of mines. The most used ones are jaw crushers and hammer crushers.

Coal Crushing Machine

  • (1) Although the jaw crusher can break the larger lump coal, the continuous crushing property is poor; although the hammer crusher has good continuous crushing property, the block size of the broken coal has certain limitations, and the crusher is easy to enter the coal mouth.
  • (2) The two crushing jaws of the jaw crusher have high strength and are not easy to be damaged, but the liners are frequently replaced. The average lining of  Coal Mine is replaced by one time for 30 days; the hammer of the hammer crusher is easy to be damaged and the replacement is inconvenient. Frequent downtime and maintenance have resulted in increased cost of consumable parts and reduced crushing, which affects the efficiency of the crusher.
  • (3) The section of coal mine transportation roadway is generally small. The size of the crusher selected according to the transfer capacity of the transfer machine is more than [email protected]@1.8m or more, occupying a large space, affecting the transportation of materials and pedestrians, and seriously restricting coal mine production.
  • (4) The weight of the crusher is generally 10~20t, which is inconvenient to pull.
  • (5) The auxiliary structure of the crusher is complicated, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the installation and maintenance, and the parts are easily lost during disassembly and transportation.

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