Sand Making Machine Development Trend

Recent years, with the rapid development of economy, many countries develop their infrastructure construction. As we all know, sand is the necessary raw material in construction field. But with the dwindling of river sand resources and the protection policies of government, more and more investors turn their eyes on artificial sand, which leads to the remarkable growth of sand making machine.

In the future,  sand making machine still has its prospect, especially in developing countries. In this article, we mainly talk about the development trend of sand making machine in the future.

Actual Test Of Sand Making Machine

Without testing data, the designed sand making machine has great blindness. Manufacturers should set up a whole testing line about sand making machine, including crushing, screening and conveying. According to the different working conditions and different structures of raw materials, manufactures should carry out actual test. In the test process, manufacturers should control the input& output size, capacity and revolution, power and so on.

Improve The Computer-Aided Design

Actual test and virtual design are the necessary factors in the modern designing of sand making machine. Nowadays, using computer in two – dimensional drawing has got popularized. If we do not fully take advantage of this, the designing of sand making machine will be very slow or conservative.

Adopting Cnc Machining Center

For mining machinery manufacturing, numerous manufacturers adopt extensive processing technic, which is not suitable for manufacturing spares parts in sand making machine with high power and high speed. Without advanced numerical control equipment, manufacturers cannot ensure the accuracy of sand making machine, needless to say ensure the service life and stable performance of sand making machine.

New Materials And New Technics

In the production of sand making machine, manufacturers should adopt new materials and new technics. Especially when producing wear-resistant parts, manufacturers should introduce advanced technology about the special materials. We should not always focus on high chrome cast iron, high manganese steel and some other conventional materials.

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