Sand Making Machine Maintenance

In the working process of sand making machine, it needs to do the maintenance works. Sand making machinemaintenance includes the primary maintenance before starting up and the stop check when it appears abnormal phenomenon. This article will introduce the sand making machine maintenance and we do help it will be helpful.

The maintenance sand making machine will be very useful to prolong the machine’s service lifetime. At the same time, it will reduce clients’ operation costs in the sand making process. Here are the several tips for sand making machine maintenance.

The sand making machine lubrication system adopts the thin oil lubricating. Each time before you start the machine, you need to check the lubrication system and add the oil. As the important transportation and support part, bearing is the lubricating part in the lubrication process. The bearing is easy to be polluted by powder or other pollution materials. It is easy to be worn and it needs to have lubrication often. When the machine works for a period of time, it needs to open the machine part to clean the bearing inner pollution and then have the sealing lubrication. Its function is to prevent the dust entering into the bearing inner space to cause damage.

The new installed sand making machine wheel hub is easy to be loose for the machine itself vibration. When these vibrations are in certain range, it can be accepted. If the machine wheel hub is loose, these parts will make the machine damage. Before starting up the machine, you need to check the fixed parts and process it timely.

The main wear parts of sand making machine include bulk cargo, rotor and the parts directly contacting with material. These parts service lifetime is short. If you do not timely change these parts, it is easy to produce unqualified final products.

The oil temperature of sand making machine lubrication has a normal range. When the oil temperature is too high, clients need to stop the machine and check it. The high oil temperature may be caused by the other materials entering into the bearings or may be the bearing is worn and client does not change it timely.

When the sand making machine is normal working, it will make some sound. But when the machine inside has serious vibration or impact sound, clients need to stop the machine and check it to prevent the machine further damage to bring great loss.

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