Sand Making Machine Structure

The sand making machine is mainly composed of a hopper, a distributor, a vortex breaking chamber, an impeller, a spindle assembly, a base, a transmission device, a lubrication system and the like.

The structure of the sanding machine feed is an inverted prismatic body, and the feeding port is provided with a wear ring, and the incoming material from the feeding device passes through the feeding hopper into the sand making machine.

The sander hopper is installed in the upper part of the vortex crushing chamber. The function of the distributor is that the material directly enters the impeller through the central feeding pipe and is gradually accelerated to a higher speed to eject, without increasing power consumption, increasing production capacity and improving crushing efficiency.

The structure of the vortex breaking chamber of the sand making machine is an annular space composed of upper and lower cylinders. The impeller rotates at high speed in the vortex chamber. The vortex breaking chamber can repose the material to form a material lining. The material crushing process takes place. In the vortex breaking chamber, the material layer is separated from the wall of the crushing chamber by the material lining layer, so that the crushing effect is limited to the material, and the self-lining function is observed, and the hole sealing is tight.

The distributor is fixed in the upper cylindrical section of the vortex breaking chamber. The impeller rotates at a high speed to generate airflow, and the vortex chamber passes through the distributor, and the impeller forms an internal self-circulation system. The sanding machine transmission adopts a double motor driven belt transmission mechanism.

The two motors drive two motors respectively installed on both sides of the main shaft assembly. The two motor belts are connected with the main shaft belt to balance the forces on both sides of the main shaft without generating additional torque.

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