Second Hand Mini Jaw Crusher

Jaw crushers are used for primary crushing of a wide variety of materials in the mining, iron and steel and pit and quarry industries. Furthermore they are used in recycling processes. For different customers’ production needs, Zenith also provides the 2nd hand mini jaw crusher in Orissa.

Second hand mini jaw crusher

Rock ranging from medium-hard to extremely hard, as well as different kinds of ore, building rubble, glass and other hard materials. The new and 2nd hand mini jaw crushers in Orissa are equipped with one fixed and one moveable crushing jaw (moving jaw), both of which support crushing plates in several versions. They form a wedge-shaped crushing zone. The walls of the crushing zone are made of replaceable wearing sheets. Crushing is done between the two crushing jaws. The moving jaw of the single toggle jaw crusher moves elliptically. A pendulum motion is being carried out by the double toggle jaw crusher.

Mini Jaw Crusher

The advantages:

  • High and constant capacity;
  • High operational reliability;
  • Long service and lifetime;
  • Broad range of application;
  • Easy replacement of wear and spare parts;
  • Low maintenance requirements.

Single toggle 2nd hand mini jaw crushers in Orissa are provided in heavy and light versions with welded steel housing and a moving jaw in a welded or cast steel version, as well as an eccentric shaft made of high-grade forged steel. The jaw crushers with a double toggle system are either built with heavy or light welded steel housings, with a moving jaw and a pulling rod in either welded or cast steel versions, as well as an axis and an eccentric shaft made out of high-grade forged steel.

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