Ultra Fine Grinding Mill

In the stone crushinhg production line, the fineness of the grinding is the most difficult to grasp, so what factors are the size of the ultrafine grinding?

Ultra Fine Grinding Mill

The primary factor that constrains the fineness of the mill product is the properties of the material. In general, different equipment requirements for materials are not the same, but they are more stringent. The hardness of the material and the amount of moisture and the amount of water have a great influence on the milling efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive inspection and screening of the materials before production, and to pass the unqualified sieves to prevent forced grinding. The powder machine brings serious damage.

Different production areas have different requirements for the product, but in general, if the particle size of the feed is small, the purity of the finished product will be higher and the accuracy will be better. Therefore, according to the different requirements of different production occasions, strict limits and effective adjustments should be made to the feed size of the mill to ensure that the feed size meets the requirements of the product, so that the operating efficiency of the mill can be fundamentally improved.

Also, the amount of feed at the time of production also limits the fineness of the final product. If the mill is too much in the production, it will easily cause the blockage of the equipment, which will affect the normal production, and the quality of the finished product will be greatly affected. Therefore, it is necessary to timely control the amount of feed, and how much is appropriate, so as to avoid the blockage of ultrafine grinding and ensure the orderly production of the production line.

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