Vertical Roller Mill Manufacturers

Reporter: Thank you very much for accepting our interview. We have a number of questions from the general staff of the company, can you help us answer it?

Zenith: Serving the user is our aim, we can answer the detailed operation of the equipment.

Reporter: Compared with most ore raw materials, the processing of raw materials is a rough processing process. How does raw material vertical grinding realize this kind of processing?

Zenith: In fact, vertical mill is a kind of wind sweep, that is to say, in addition to the grinding pressure of the grinding roller and the grinding ring to crush the raw material, there is also a kind of air flow to carry the circulation of the animal material. In our actual operation, we should adjust the wind speed according to the product standard that the raw material should meet according to the factors such as the fan speed, current, differential pressure, feed amount, inlet and outlet negative pressure, temperature and other variables. The material particles of the discharge port can have different production effects according to the operation of our technicians.

Reporter: As the main manufacturer of Shanghai Vertical Mill, Zenith vertical mill processing raw materials, what are its main advantages?

Zenith: As you just said, as the main base for China’s foreign trade exports, there are many vertical mill manufacturers in Shanghai. The Zenith machine’s ability to gain customer acceptance is of course inseparable from the advanced technology used in our equipment. The output of the vertical mill is twice that of the Raymond mill. The main reason is that the raw material is crushed and crushed by the grinding roller and the grinding ring in the grinding chamber. The qualified fine powder enters the cyclone powder collector as the finished product. Unqualified materials are returned to the grinding chamber for repeated grinding with circulating wind power, with an output of 18-55 tons per hour and a fineness of 170-45 mesh.

Reporter: As far as I know, the vertical mill also has an automatic control system that can be remotely controlled without manual operation.

Zenith: Yes, in order to further reduce the intensity of manual labor and improve safety production, the market control effect of remote control is very good.

Reporter: Thanks to the Zenith machine for its contribution to the milling industry.

Zenith: This is our mission.

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