Vertical Roller Mill Operation

Vertical roller mill operation system is a kind of semi-enclosed system. That is: in vertical roller mill production line, it will extract hot wind from hot blast stove one side and it will discharge from the other side of the working system. Here will get the detailed information about this machine.

General Introduction of Grinding System Machines

The vertical roller mill operation system includes a series of machines, such as the crusher machine (it is used depending on the specific production needs), belt conveyor, bucket elevator, adjustment bin, closed feeding machine, vertical roller mill, hot blast stove, pipeline, bag-type dust collector, final products, silencer and draught fan. The hot blast stove is decided by the materials moisture. When the material moisture is less than 6%, it does not need to install the hot blast stove. When the moisture is more than 10%, it needs to install hot blast stove.

Vertical roller mill operation

Materials Movement Process

The material movement process of vertical roller mill machine: materials will be crushed by crusher and then through the belt conveyor take to the bucket elevator. Then the materials will be taken to bin. The materials will enter into the vertical roller mill through the closed feeding machine. The grinded materials will be out of the vertical roller mill under the function of hot blast stove and exhaust fan. Through the pipe, they will reach to the bag-type dust collector. The collected materials will be taken to the final end products storage through elevator and then will be collected by the clients. The last machines are exhaust fan and silencer.

Detailed Functions of these Machines

Through the above introduction, you may have a rough understanding learning of the vertical roller mill operation system working process and the main machine. To make the machine show its best working efficiency, it needs to have a detailed learning of the working machines and their functions.

The previous article has introduced some machines used in the grinding system. All of these machines are irreplaceable. They refer to the closed type constant feeder, hot blast stove and bag type dust collector. The followings are the functions.

Closed-type constant feeder is the necessary and irreplaceable machine in vertical roller mill operation system for it is the closed-type one. The vertical roller mill grinding system is a kind of semi-closed operation system. There cannot have connecting in vertical roller mill around parts and it is for this reason: the hot blast stove hot wind cannot flow out, or it will have dangerous and cause the power consumption. The draught fan will take out the hot wind from the hot blast stove and it is used to dry the materials. It cannot be the outside wind or the materials will block the whole operation system.

In general, the hot blast stove is installed in the operation system. From the theory speaking, the materials’ moisture is less than 6% and it does not need the hot blast stove. But all know that in nature, there are some materials which are very dry and they are hard to be crushed. Even though some material is dry, but it cannot guarantee other material is dry. Choosing the dry material is to prevent the moisture make the powder sticky. And it will cause the machine’s ventilation opening is stocking and it can affect the powder production.

The bag-type dust collector is a kind of machine in vertical roller mill operation system. This machine is also used in trapezium grinding mill production line. We do not suggest use the other collector except this one. It is mainly with the material characteristics. Besides, the materials in hot blast stove will have high temperature and the bag-type dust collector not only can collect the material but also it can dissipate heat.

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