Vertical Roller Mill Structure Parts

Depending on clients’ desired products fineness, the vertical roller mill classifier can be divided into tapered rotor classifierand the cage classifier two kinds.

The light qualified fine powder materials will be through the classifier and be discharged from the discharging port. Through the concentrator, these materials will be collected into qualified products. The weight and unqualified materials will fall down from the classifier and they will be grinded again by the grinding mill when they fall on the central of grinding millstone.

Grinding Roller Device

With the grinding roller device, the  vertical roller mill adopts the material bed grinding principle and it will have higher grinding efficiency. Before you start up the machine, it does no need put materials on the millstone and the grinding mill can be in no-load working and it will eliminate the hard start-up problems (for the limiting stopper’s protection function, the grinding roller and grinding millstone board cannot contact with each other).

Vertical Roller Mill

The vertical roller mill machine adopts the grinding roller thin oil lubrication method: through the lubrication station, it will have the grinding roller circulating lubrication and cooling. It not only improves the lubrication effects and the circulating lubrication also takes a lot of heat away. It will reduce the grinding roller bearing working temperature and improve the bearing service life time (in general, it can improve 2.5 times).

When the grinding roller temperature is higher, the temperature sensor can adjust the lubrication flow to reduce the temperature and to realize a kind of intelligent regulation. Grinding roller can be changed the side to be used again. It will improve he wear parts’ service life time for one time. With the new type grinding roller sealing device, it is very reliable and it does not need sealing fan and it will reduce the grinding mill oxygen content and it has good performance to anti-detonation.

Air Inlet and Discharge Port

Through the grinding works of grinding roller, some hard materials will not be blow up when they are through the annular duct and then they will fall on the grinding table bottom part. At the same time, the air inlet and discharge port are in the opposite direction. The hard grinding materials will be collected near the discharging port. The material slag will be discharging regularly through the discharging port.

Hydraulic Rod

The hydraulic rod can be divided into working hydraulic rod and maintenance hydraulic rod. The working hydraulic rod will provide a pull when it works, and it will increase the grinding ground pressure and improve the grinding efficiency. When the maintenance hydraulic rod is working, the grinding roller might be turned out of the closed by hydraulic equipment, which needs to change the grinding roller set, board and increase the grinding mill maintenance space. The maintenance work will be simple and convenient (when check the inner part of grinding mill, it does not separate the analytical engine).

Limiting Stopper

With the grinding roller limiting device, the powder grinding side (grinding roller board) will not contact with the grinding roller. It will prevent the grinding table materials uneven when it works. It will bring vibration and make the board and grinding roller directly contact with each other and make damage.

Anti-Explosion Valve

The anti-explosion valve is on the top of classifier. When the grinding mill inner pressure is too larger, the plastics sheet will explosive automatically and it will prevent the explosion when the machine is grinding inflammable and explosive materials.

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