Vertical Roller Mill Technology Development Trend

In cement production industry, the traditional grinding system generally adopt ball mill as the main grinding equipment. But since the appearance of vertical roller mill, its unique grinding principle overcomes various shortcomings of ball mill and draws more and more attention of investors. For now, many customers adopt vertical roller mill as the grinding equipment in their cement production plants. In this article, we mainly introduce the development trend of technology in vertical roller mill.

Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical Roller Mill Technology Development Trend


At present, potential for energy saving of cement plants is getting small, so improve the flexibility of grinding system in cement plant can expand the range of final products and can reduce the operating cost. In several minutes, the cement types can be changed in the central control room of vertical grinding mill. The vertical mill can adapt the different features of different raw materials. For example, if we want to change the production of Portland cement into pozzolan cement, we can adjust the grinding pressure, air volume and rotation speed of separator.

Extend The Service Life Of Wear-Resistant Parts

The corrosivity of clinker and slag is much higher than raw material. And the damage of wear-resistant parts will greatly affect the capacity and quality of cement production plant. In this case, adopting high wear-resistant material has become the first choice of many manufacturers. At the same time, some manufacturers also provide repair technology of roll surface, welding the worn parts, which effectively extend the service life. One the other hand, we can optimize the shape of roller. Adopting narrow roller with large diameter can reduce the relative speed difference between roller and grinding disc, reducing the wear of roller and disc.

Large Scale And Ultra-Large Scale

From the application and evolution of vertical roller mill in the international market, we can see that vertical grinding mill is developing into large scale and ultra-large scale. Many manufacturers from different countries have already provided different types of large scale vertical roller mill to customers.

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