Vertical Roller Mill Wear Parts Maintenance

From the feedback of clients, we can find that the vertical roller mill wear parts service lifetime does not meet the expectant lifetime. To appear this phenomenon, it is for the clients do not have the enough information to maintain the vertical roller mill wear parts.

Vertical Roller Mill Wear Parts

Vertical roller mill wear parts have shorter service lifetime than the other parts. Depending on the machine specification shows, the service lifetime of wear parts can reach the expectant lifetime. There are also many clients’ machine cannot reach this.

In the test of the vertical roller mill, its service lifetime can reach the expectant ones and even can exceed this time longer. For the above problems, we find that most clients do not have maintenance for the vertical roller mill. They are too busy to have the maintenance for the machine. They only maintain the machine regular and the daily maintenance is less.

It is not complicated to have the maintenance of the vertical roller mill wear parts. Before each staring, it needs to have the maintenance. The main wear parts of vertical roller mill include grinding roller and millstone. For grinding roller, clients need to lubricate this part before starting the machine and check the grinding roller worn situation. It has rule to following in the real situation of grinding roller and millstone. In generally, it need time to find this. Clients need to have regular check and change them.

The wear of grinding roller and millstone has relationship with material characteristics and feeding material size. When you use the vertical roller mill, you must use it depending on the machine specification feeding material size. The materials and feeding material size is out of this standard do not need to grind. It is a method to protect machine and guarantee the wear parts service lifetime.

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