Wroking Principle Of Limestone Vertical Mill

The limestone vertical mill that is often used in the stone powder vertical grinding system is mainly the supply system, the dust collector, the feeding equipment and the like.

Generally speaking, the powder sorting device is installed inside the limestone vertical grinding device, so no additional installation is required for the powder selecting machine, which makes the grinding stone powder vertical grinding more convenient and less troublesome.

Coal Crushing Machine

When the limestone vertical mill is in operation, the limestone is firstly crushed and stored in the gravel silo. After continuous speed regulation by the electronic belt scale, a certain amount of limestone is poured out, and then transferred to the inside of the stone powder vertical mill through the rotary impeller.

The constant movement of the grinding rolls and the grinding discs produces a large amount of crushing and grinding of the limestone, which is finally ground into a powder.

After the powder is selected, the unqualified coarse powder will be shot down onto the grinding disc to continue grinding, and the qualified grinding will be carried out as the product following the vertical flow of the grinding stone powder.

When the limestone is ground vertically, the hot air stove inside it usually generates hot air. According to different production conditions, a fuel hot air stove or a coal-fired hot air stove can be selected, so that the water in the raw material can be continuously evaporated to ensure the stone powder.

The water content of the finished product produced by the vertical mill is below the specified range. In order to improve the production efficiency of the whetstone vertical mill, it is also possible to modify the system and install and adjust the slag to make it return, so that the production efficiency can be improved.

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